Thursday, September 27, 2012

1940s Robe!

Robe, housecoat, dressing gown... whatever the you call it, whatever the differences are, I'm obsessed with the 1940s style.  40s styles were very fitted with narrowish hips and sculpted, pronounced shoulders.  Very feminine and iconic of the war-time era.

Take a look-

The crocheted kimono i made and my modernish cotton one, though cute and purposeful, just don't come to the bar, so to speak.  So what's a girl to do?
Why, sew one of course!

Look at the Butterick pattern i found online after only a few minutes of searching.  Not only can I buy it brand-new, but i can make it with long or short sleeves! 
I think it's very elegant.  I cannot wait to pick up the pattern and get to work on a long sleeved one for fall/winter.

I am really liking the flowered fabric the left robe is made of



I think it's my new obsession!

Cheep Talk Magpie Warm  I like this print, but am thinking it may be too large. (?)

Paisley White/Green This could easily be a good 40s color.

Negative Dot Yellow  When making vintage clothing, one can never go wrong with polka dots!

~CLICK HERE to go to the Butterick web page and see the pattern and pictures~
 (this post was not sponsored)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland - 1939 Newsreel

Just think, in 1939 you could go to New York City for the worlds fair and stay in a safe, sanitary, inspected room for 50 to 75 cents a night!!!

Three adorable little newsreels from 1939 with the cute, young Judy Garland and the hilarious Mickey Rooney~

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just In Time for Cooler Weather

What an unusually cool day it is! Usually in Kansas it is either hot or cold, and then a few days in between that are nice.
Here is a little1950s hat that i'm making for winter that also will keep my ears toasty without messing my hair!
Pictures to come.



1 ball Blue Spangle or Blue or color of your choice.
Steel crochet hook No. 7.
2 - 1 inch bone rings.
1st SECTION: Attach thread over a bone ring, ch 2 and work 39 d c over ring, join in 2nd st of ch, ch 3.
2nd Row: Working in back loop of sts only, 1 d c in each of the next 12 sts, ch 3, turn.
3rd Row: Working in both loops of sts, s c in next st, * ch 3, s c in next st, repeat from * across row (12 loops), cut thread.
2nd SECTION: Work 1st 3 rows of 1st section, ch 2 at end of last row, turn (do not cut thread).
4th Row: S c in 1st loop, * ch 3, s c in next loop, repeat from * across row, ch 2, turn (11 ch 3 loops and 1 small loop).
5th Row: S c in 1st loop, * ch 3, s c in next loop, repeat from * 9 times, ch 3, s c in last loop, ch 2, turn.
6th Row: S c in 1st loop, * ch 4, s c in next loop, repeat from * 9 times, ch 4, s c in last loop, ch 2, turn. Repeat 6th row 3 times ending last row with ch 3, turn.
10th Row: S c in 1st loop, * ch 5, s c in next loop, repeat from * 9 times, ch 5, s c in last loop, ch 3, turn. Repeat 10th row 20 times, ch 4 at end of last row.
Next Row: S c in 1st loop, * ch 5, s c in next loop, repeat from * 9 times, ch 5, s c in last loop, ch 4, turn. Repeat last row 11 times ending last row with ch 3.
Next 21 Rows: Same as 10th row ending last row with ch 2.
Next 4 Rows: Same as 6th row.
Next Row: Same as 5th row.
Next Row: With right side of 1st section toward you, s c in 1st loop of 1st section, s c in 1st loop of 2nd section, * ch 1, s c in next loop of 1st section, ch 1, s c in next loop of 2nd section, repeat from * across row, ch 1, sl st in last s c of 1st section, cut thread.
TIE: With right side of work toward you skip 1st 12 free d c of 1st row, working in back loop of sts, attach thread in next d c, ch 1, s c in same space, 1 s c in each of the next 2 d c, turn.
2nd Row: Ch 1, working through both loops of sts, s c in same space, 1 s c in each of the next 2 s c, turn. Repeat last row 51 times, cut thread. Work another tie at opposite end in same manner.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Shocking! (Not Really)

Here it is folks, straight from the horses mouth.

First watch this:

and then.
Hey, I'm just saying.
the national average cost of a gallon of gas four years ago was $1.79
Listen people: $1.79!!!
Stay tuned for more free sheet music and a crochet pattern i'm making!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Old Patterns (Vintage Vouge)

After seeing that Vouge patterns were on sale at our local fabric store, i decided to look them up to see if they had any 'new' (reproduction) vintage ones.
Do they ever!
Not only that, but the biggest selection i have ever seen!
CLICK HERE to go to the Vintage Vouge homepage.
They have everything from sundresses to wedding dresses, from suits to coats and even a few hat patterns!
They are all from the 1930s thru the 50s and two 60s patterns. 
All you have to do is click on one and it tells you the price, sewing level and whatever drawings and fabric suggestions, notions and etc. that you would see on the back of the pattern.
I cant wait to go to the store!
This 1938 ensemble is definatley one of my favorites.  I have lots of 50s and 60s dresses i've found at thrift stores and the like, but do not own any 30s stuff, save family photos.  Why not make a bunch in whatever colors i like?


I also CANNOT RESIST this 1947 suit.  I think it looks very much like the suit Allie Fortune wears on the cover of the book Miss Fortune (by Sara Mills).
I love it!


Ok, those two are my favorite, but who doesnt love 1940s A-line dresses?  The only down side to this one is that its at an advanced sewing level :(

1952 flattering coat dress

1946 dress (isnt the model cute?)

I'm deaply considering  this 1933 Nacy Drew looking suit


And who doesnt love wedding dresses...


and dont forget the hats!

(30s and 40s)


...Ok so i'm obviously not going to buy everything i've shown.. i dont think... but  now we both know of some awsome vintage patterns that arnet over 50s yrs old and make us nervous.  We can also skip the next strange colored frock we like the style but not the pattern we see, because i can make one with whatever print i like!
I hope you enjoyed!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Be Optimistic!

Hey guys,
I apologize that i haven't made a post since spring.   There was just so much going on that i felt like i didn't have the time it takes to make a proper post.
Thanks to all the wonderful folks that have followed me since then and the ones who havent booted me off their reading list!
I don't know about you, but summer has been crazy with lots of ups and downs and maybe a little tragedy thrown in. So while i have a few minutes, i wanted to post this cute little Shirley Temple song, appropriately titled: Be Optimistic!
It feels good to be blogging again, (like a strange, yet easygoing kind of therapy) so i WILL post soon!
Love ya'll!

From the 1938 movie, Little Miss Broadway